July 28

Today in Indian History
Events for July 28

28-July-1872 Albert P Sarraut, French Governor General of Indo-China (1911..19)/PM (1933/36), was born.
28-July-1909 Brahmanand Reddi Kasu, politician, was born at Madras.
28-July-1912 Ramchandra Gondo Ginde, famous neuro surgeon, was born.
28-July-1914 Japanese boat ‘Kamagata Maru’ was compelled to deport to India from Vancouver, Canada. The ship was boarded with active freedom fighters who were against the British Government.
28-July-1921 Congress decided to boycott the visit of Prince of Wales in India.
28-July-1921 The All-India Congress Party votes to boycott a forthcoming visit by the Prince of Wales and urges a boycott of imported cloth.
28-July-1924 Many deaths were reported and several villages were destroyed due to floods in the south.
28-July-1939 Tarun Ram Phookun, great lawyer, orator, eminent writer and President of the Assam Chhatra Sammelan in 1928, passed away.
28-July-1946 Sister Alphonsa, good teacher and social worker, died at Bharananganam.
28-July-1972 India and Pakistan sign Simla Pact, settling border dispute in Kashmir.
28-July-1989 Mufti Mohammad Sayeed was disqualified from Rajya Sabha. It was the first case of such disqualification from the House under anti-defection law.
28-July-1994 Sudhakarrao Naik, G. Ramanujam and O. N. Srivastava appointed Governors.
28-July-1994 Uproar in Parliament over the Government’s rejection of JPC report.
28-July-1997 Calling and holding of bandhs by political parties and other associations or organisations declared ‘Illegal and unconstitutional’ by a Full Bench of the Kerala High Court.
28-July-1997 12 persons are killed and 69 injured as New Delhi-bound Karnataka Express rams Himsagar Express at Old Faridabad station level-crossing in Haryana.
28-July-1999 Shiv Sena president Bal Thackeray is banned from voting and contesting in any election for six years from December 11, 1995 on the recommendations of the Election Commission.